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About CNBL

Connecting the Notre Dame Community:
Club Notredamians

Everything began with a dream. A desire to create a space of our own where former students from Notredame College, Dhaka who have passed their HSC exams can congregate for social interaction, sports, and entertainment. A place where people with similar interests can express their dreams, provide a helping hand to those in need, and contribute to promoting social responsibility.

With these goals accomplished, a selected number of ex-Notredamians began to gather eager members in the first quarter of 2016. In the process, 31 Founder Members joined who contributed their time, effort, and money to establish the organization that is now known as Club Notredamians Bangladesh Limited. So, our club’s journey began, originally in a 1300 square foot private unit that was rented in Mohakhali DOHS area. Club activities couldn’t be conducted there. It served mostly as the club office. A vigorous membership drive was made, and a few events were planned to improve the club’s reputation. There are currently about 800 members and a new location in Banani.

Our Mission

Our goal as Club Notredamians is to promote the ideals, traditions, and excellence associated with the alumni while creating a strong feeling of community among Notre Dame College students around the world. We want to foster an environment that is accepting and inclusive so that people can make friends for life, support one another, and help Notredamians succeed in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the premier destination for NotreDamians, acting as a vital resource for alumni, students, and the community. We want to build a dynamic platform that provides interesting information, deep connections, and chances for both professional and personal development.